Screw the Labels. Bring the Energy.

The ego is insecure because it knows it’s not REAL.

Because it’s not REAL, it will try and trick you into finding ideas or concepts that give it the ILLUSION and weight of realness..

One way that it does this is through LABELS and self-serving descriptions that allow it to feel more complex and IMPORTANT than it really is.

These labels can be as far-fetched as you like – basically, anything that helps you to keep hiding from the emotional ‘stuff’ that led you to CREATE your ego in the first place so you can avoid the RIDE BACK HOME to reality (even though that’s what you really want).

Normally, the labels we CHOOSE are a sign of where we’ve been but also how far we still need to go so we can become WHOLE again:

-People who choose to label themselves according to their sexuality are often CONTROLLED by their sexuality.

-People who choose to label themselves according to their gender are often scared of their own masculine/feminine energies or feel like they’ve been inadequate in the past.

-People who choose to label themselves as their professions alone need the sense of control that comes with that label and how it’s seen in the world.

-People who choose to label themselves as ‘rich’/’poor’/’whatever’ have chosen to identify with those labels because of the GAMES they allow them to play.

In short, labelling things (especially ourselves) is just a short-term attempt to wrestle CONTROL over ourselves and the world in alignment with our emotional ‘stuff’ and the depths we’re willing to go to within ourselves.

The problem with this approach is that whatever it is that YOU are is WHOLE and so can never be encapsulated in FRAGMENTED WORDS or ideas.

In fact, an obsession with words and labels will only serve to keep you from what you are beyond all the ideas and interpretations that can be made about life.

When you CLING to words and identity you cling to UNREALITY and stop yourself FLOWING and feeling fully ALIVE.

Instead of identifying with labels BECOME the energy behind them:

You’re not a ‘lover’ you ARE love.

You’re not ‘rich’ you ARE abundance.

You’re not a ‘truth teller’ you ARE the truth.

Find the energy and ride it with I AM.



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