The Truth that is Written is Never the Real Truth.


Words are just words but the truth is the TRUTH.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we’re GROWING REAL because we’re consuming information about personal development, spirituality, or whatever else but all of that stuff is just part of the problem unless we take it off the page and out into REAL LIFE.

This is deeper than just the distinction between theory and practice – it’s about IDENTITY versus EXPERIENCE.

When it comes to REALITY in truth, words, symbols, ideas and concepts only have the power to POINT YOU in the right direction – they are not the direction or destination in itself.

As we’ve said many times on this feed:


That means, of course, that there’s a Continuum of the Conceptual (sounds aight – just made it up):

At the extreme end is ‘BS’ – i.e concepts and ideas that point you away from truth instead of towards it.

In the middle is ‘Mediocrity’ – i.e. concepts and ideas that observe the truth to some extent but are only sourced in the MIND and so can never grasp it.

At the other extreme is the ‘Rooted’ – these are concepts and ideas that somebody has formulated after touching the TRUTH in their own lives and then doing the best they can to point you in the right direction (often having to use metaphors, stories, because the truth comes through pictures more than empty words).


Either way, even the most BEAUTIFULLY ROOTED words either written or uttered are useless in themselves until they TRIGGER something inside you that opens your mind to the moment and brings in a flood of new INSIGHT.

When people treat the words as the truth without the EXPERIENCE of the TRUTH then they just end up being machines that parrot pre-programmed scripts and dogmas – in other words, they have made an IDOL or UNICORN out of the emptiness and imbued it with qualities they have denied in themselves (in this case a connection to TRUTH).

To GROW REAL, you need to take the TRUTH off of the page and into your HEART.

Only then can you align your mind with your heart and ensure that the concepts you carry are pointing you HOME.

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