You’re Either Real or Unreal: There is No In Between


Self-confidence comes from having a relationship with something bigger than yourself:

-It might be a mission or a set of values that gives you strength (or at least takes your mind off thinking all the time).

-It might be a sense of CONNECTION to everything else in the form of love, God, source, divinity or whatever else you wanna call that ‘spiritual’ side of life (which is REAL af).

-It might be a sense of DUTY or SERVICE to some cause that you care about like your family or your country or whatever else.

In all these cases – and any like them – your confidence comes from being CARRIED OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF and realising that it’s never your ideas about ‘YOU’ that give you anything but the things that ask you to step outside your ideas.

The reason it works like this is because your ideas about yourself, the world, and reality are always UNREAL because no idea can truly encapsulate the feeling of being ALIVE.

When we’re caught up in the day-to-day hustle and bustle busyness of our lives we can forget this and start to think that we live at different levels of REALNESS or UNREALNESS depending on what we’re doing with ourselves.

The truth, however, is that WE’RE ALWAYS REAL because what is real can never be added to, removed from, destroyed or healed (with some ‘self development journey’, for example).

The problem is that we can forget this and think that we need to fix ourselves or others (or blame them) and to do this we try and FORCE ourselves to have confidence in ourselves.

This hardly ever works, though, because trying to find confidence in yourself means trying to find confidence in IDEAS and ideas are never REAL.

When you find something bigger than just your ideas about who you are to give you confidence then you STEP OUT of the illusion of self and remind yourself of your own REALNESS.

This is because you start MOVING again instead of being locked in STATIC ideas and become connected to the flow again…

What is real is always real and it always MOVES – this applies to ‘YOU’ too:

You’re either moving with something bigger than you that’s REAL or you’re lost in UNREAL ideas about yourself, the world, and reality.

There is no in between.


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