Focusing Too Much On Your Healing Makes You Sick


Over-identifying with anything makes you sick.

Everything in life is about BALANCE and finding peace as you walk the tightrope between tension and release:

What goes UP must come DOWN and that applies in ALL areas of our lives – if we get too caught up in the PERCEIVED importance of something then it just ends up taking us into the realm of ILLUSIONS.

All illusions bring TENSION and – on a long enough timeline – that tension always finds a way to be released…whether you’re ready for it or not.

One area where people can bring unnecessary tension to their lives is in the area of their own ‘healing’.

This is a tricky realm because as soon as you identify with healing you also identify with its opposite – ‘sickness’.

We can say this because ‘healing’ and ‘sickness’ leave us stuck on the two horns of the same bull of DUALITY – in other words, it brings us to the realm of value judgments and ideas about life instead of life itself in all its REALNESS (which is beyond dualism and the ideas of ‘good’ and ‘bad’).

The truth about life as it unfolds on the VEILED MATRIX of the conceptual is that:


We may like to believe that life is a simple case of black and white opposites like ‘good’ and ‘bad’ or ‘healed’ and ‘sick’ but it never is – it’s SHADES OF GREY and you can never have one without embracing the other.

If you become OBSESSED or too focused on your ‘healing journey’ then all you really end up doing is reminding yourself that you’re SICK (or why else would you be on the journey).

Every time you do that yoga workout for the sake of releasing your trauma, you’re reminding yourself that the sickness is there.

Every time you try and be ‘vulnerable’ and start spilling your guts out, you’re reminding yourself of your own (perceived) weakness.

The TRUTH is that you don’t need to DO ANYTHING to be healed – you just need to let go of the IDEAS that make you believe in your own sickness.

Nor do you need anybody else to ‘heal’ you – that’s impossible because anybody who thinks they’re your ‘healer’ must be sick too (because of duality).

The only sickness is EGO (and that’s never REAL).



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