‘Happiness’ isn’t Just About Events…It’s a Process.


Anybody can be REAL whenever they want – all they have to do is remember.

If you forget that you’re real – because you allow the world to condition you in to staying ASLEEP or because you hypnotise yourself with your own BS – then you take yourself out of the NATURAL process of moving and growing real and you just have unreal TENSION and friction in your life.

When your life is defined by UNREAL tension and friction then you’re not living your REAL life but coping with an unreal life that is the end product of your UNREAL CHOICES.

When everything is unreal in this way, you’re not really living in a way that can be defined as embodying ‘happiness’ because the life you’re living isn’t really yours – it’s just something that you COPE with whilst you passively wait for something better to come along (instead of cultivating AWARENESS, ACCEPTING what you need to, and taking ACTION to make it real again – check out my coaching packages).

When you make these unreal choices it’s always because of your ILLUSIONS about yourself, the world, and reality.

When you buy into these ILLUSIONS, you will do anything to protect and uphold them so that you can avoid the inevitable crash back down to reality (where you’ll find the solid ground and release you actually want).

When you live to protect all of this, your life becomes an incredibly TENSE state where you WASTE all your ENERGY upholding the illusions that imprison you and live for the little RELEASES of tension that make you think you’re ‘free:

-Maybe you live for the weekend so you can release the tension of that job you hate.

-Maybe you live for holidays so you can escape the life you’re fed up of and actually feel like ‘you’.

-Maybe you live for pay day because it’s the only dopamine BUZZ you feel anymore.

Whatever it is, living for these kind of EVENTS takes you away from the truth which is that ‘happiness’ is a PROCESS and you can be in or out of it any time you CHOOSE.

If you CHOOSE the process, then it means you’re not just releasing tension through sporadic events but you build CREATIVE tension between where you are now, where you wanna go, and who you need to BECOME.

Open up and GROW REAL.

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