The Truth Will Make You Humble, Not Arrogant

It is what it is and you either accept it or you don’t.

The truth is WHOLE and if it’s whole then by definition there can only be ONE.

We like to forget this – or even resist the idea completely – because it allows us to feel good about ourselves and stay in our comfort zones.

We like to think that our own INTERPRETATIONS of the fragmented reality we perceive around us is the end of the line but it’s not and never will be.

Our interpretations are interpretations and the TRUTH is the TRUTH.

You can see how this works when two people get caught up in a debate and there are THREE sides to the story:

1-The interpretation of person number one (fragments)

2-The interpretation of person number two (fragments)

3-The actual TRUTH (the WHOLE).

People like to keep the stories that they want to believe about themselves in place. That’s it.

All this really means though is that they have CREATED a story that appears to have an impenetrable INTERPRETATION of the truth built into it that allows them to feel ‘RIGHT’ about things.

When you want to be ‘right’ all the time it just means that you’re over-invested in the STORY you already picked up from the PAST and have no interest in writing a new one.

In this mode, you are lost in your ego and denying your REALNESS in truth every step of the way – you have made an IDOL of the truth itself and think that it is something that exists to serve your EGO and its arrogance.

This couldn’t be further from the truth though as the ego is the direct opposite of reality in truth – it’s a cocktail of LIES and its arrogance is what keeps you from the RELEASE of surrender to the flow of LIFE that fills the soul of your veins without you even knowing.

Using the ‘truth’ to be right all the time can only lead to arrogance and arrogance is the opposite of your REALNESS because when you’re real you don’t need to be ‘more than’ human.

The best relationship with the truth is the one that humbles you by showing you that you’re WRONG.

Only when you’re wrong can you let the light of insight in and LEARN who you really are and what you’re capable of.

That’s better than anything arrogance can ever believe.


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